Inner-City Express is a leading provider of transportation and shipping services to businesses in several markets in the United Stated and Toronto Canada.. From deliveries around the corner. to deliveries across the city, from distribution in multiple metro areas to critical deliveries worldwide; from Fortune 500 companies to one-person businesses, we can provide a solution that meets your shipping needs. Talk with us about you Same Day Rush Deliveries, Retail to Home Deliveries, Distribution, Warehouse and Critical Parts Storage needs.

Time sensitive – minute counts

• San Francisco Bay Area
• Sacramento
• Greater Los Angeles
• Greater Seattle Area
• Chicago & Suburbs
• Greater Toronto Area

We specialize in time-sensitive deliveries: from same-day to next day, from less than 60 minutes to 24 hours. In major metro areas of San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland our expert delivery personnel can deliver your package.

You always know where your package is

With any delivery, the first thing you want to know is “Did it get there?” With Inner-City Express shipping, you’re never in the dark. Our state-of-the-art Dispatch system, built around 2-way messaging and GPS services, means status updates in real-time which you can view on the web, anywhere. And when it gets there, we’ll send you an email or fax proof of delivery confirmation.

Control your shipping costs in real time

Whether delivery costs are a small part or a major portion of your operating expenses, Inner-City Express helps you keep costs under control. We provide in-depth online reports on delivery usage and costs, as they occur, so you’ll never be surprised by an invoice again. We’ll also make bill processing easier by allowing you to choose from a wide range of different formats and media: paper, electronic and online.

Committed to Excellence

At Inner-City Express we treat our customers as individuals. We know that each business is different and so we put together the solution that’s right for you: from the services we offer, to the delivery vehicle we use, to the invoice we prepare. We’ll even provide you with your very own custom solution for your shipping needs and you can track deliveries and run reports, the way you need.

Founded in 1987

Inner-City Express started in 1987 as a downtown San Jose bicycle messenger service. The founder, Michael Hubert, was a college student at the time who recognized the need for a new, faster method for delivering within the downtown area. In a short time Inner-City Express, or ICE as referred to by most customers, expanded it’s delivery area and added vehicle deliveries. ICE operates in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Area, Southern California, Fresno,
Seattle, Chicago and Toronto. On a daily basis ICE performs hundreds s of same day deliveries throughout California and the U.S. Inner-City Express has evolved into a leading provider of shipping and transportation solutions in several Major markets throughout the United States.

Meeting and Exceeding Business Needs

Our customers span a range of businesses and requirements: from large multinational companies who require complex custom transport solutions to small companies needing personal hands-on management for vital local deliveries.

ICE – Individuals Committed to Excellence

From the very beginning, Inner-City Express has stood for professionalism and reliability in package delivery. Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best services and solutions and to do whatever it takes to make sure that their delivery needs are met. Inner-City Express innovative technology, combined with its in-depth logistics expertise, and the personal attention we give to each and every customer, has created a delivery management program that is changing the way customers use and manage transportation and shipping services.

Managing Information in Real Time

Dispatch provides real time information about when a delivery was made and who received it. Using the latest GPS technology, dispatchers can also identify the location of the courier, where they have been and even how fast they are traveling. In real time our customers can update the status of a delivery on our web site or receive email and fax notification on all aspects of the delivery operations. Our web site enables customers to enter orders online, track and monitor deliveries, print delivery labels, analyze usage reports and review invoices.

THE ICE Commitment

Inner-City Express strives at all times for the highest ethical standards in its business and workplace activities. We take great pride in the long lasting relationships we have established with our customers, employees and contractors. We value our employee who in turn focuses on providing the highest level of personal attention to each of our customers.