Inner-City Express is committed to making its relationship with its clients and experience which will set it apart from its competitors. Our systems are designed to provide Desk Top Access for our customers to the information they need. As a customer of Inner-City Express you can:

  • Place orders on line
  • Track orders on line
  • Receive instant notification of delivery with time delivered and signature information
  • Review your account 24/7 with real time information on your usage, costs, type of service etc.
  • Place orders on line with a choice of delivery times and prices.
  • Print shipping labels direct from your desk top
  • Print reports for your desk top
  • Load reports into Excel, PDF for analysis right on your desktop.
  • You control your business with real time information.

You always know where your package is
With any delivery, the first thing you want to know is “Did it get there?” With Inner-City Express shipping, you’re never in the dark. Our state-of-the-art Dispatch system, built around 2-way messaging and GPS services, means status updates in real-time which you can view on the web, anywhere. And when it gets there, we’ll send you an email or fax proof of delivery confirmation.

Control your shipping costs in real time

Whether delivery costs are a small part or a major portion of your operating expenses, Inner-City Express helps you keep costs under control. We provide in-depth online reports on delivery usage and costs, as they occur, so you’ll never be surprised by an invoice again. We’ll also make bill processing easier by allowing you to choose from a wide range of different formats and media: paper, electronic and online.

Managing Information in Real Time

Dispatch provides real time information about when a delivery was made and who received it. Using the latest GPS technology, dispatchers can also identify the location of the courier, where they have been and even how fast they are traveling. In real time our customers can update the status of a delivery on our web site or receive email and fax notification on all aspects of the delivery operations. Our web site enables customers to enter orders online, track and monitor deliveries, print delivery labels, analyze usage reports and review invoices.